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What People are Saying....

Just had the most amazing reading with Talking To Spirits! Thank you so much Jennie, you have no idea how much this meant to me!!!

Had an absolute blast at the medium circle this afternoon. Thanks Talking To Spirits.
If you're looking for an incredibly talented, down to earth, fun reading, you owe it to yourself to check out Talking To Spirits!

Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you,we had an awesome time at the Message Circle. You are truly amazing and gifted, you are the real deal.We had so much fun I think it should be my weekly routine. Can't wait to do it again. Take care!
Everyone needs to book with Talking to spirits! It is an experience you will never forget. I can describe her with 1 word WOW!!!! Trust me, you want the WOW.

Went to a message circle last night with Jennie from Talking To Spirits. In a word - amazing!!

Last night was amazing! Not only are you great at what you do but you have a wonderful personality too! I will passing on your info to friends for sure.

What an amazing experience this afternoon, I am still in disbelief. You just knew things. You have turned a non believer into a believer for sure. I recommend Jennie 110% . I can't wait to book another session I know have so many more question.

Just had the most amazing reading with Talking To Spirits. Thank you so much Jennie. I'm going to sit on that all day and think about it. Just wow, and thank you. So much.

Thanks so much Jennie for a seriously awesome message circle last night!! You have an amazing gift, I cannot wait for my private reading!!

I was blown away by your readings tonight at Laura's. you truly are Calgary's ""long island medium". There is no way you could have possibly known some of the things that were said tonight. I will absolutely be booking my session before you're too famous to get in to see you! - Carolyn 

Last night I had the great gift of being a part of a Message Circle with Talking To Spirits. I am in complete awe. A little stunned. Moved beyond words. I can now say that I personally know, without a shadow of a doubt, that communication with the spirit world is not only possible, but profoundly real. Thanks for the chat, Dad. And thank you Jennie for sharing your incredible gifts, and making these conversations possible. — feeling blessed. - Jennifae 

Just had the most AMAZING experience with Jennie from Talking To Spirits....you have changed our lives forever!! XO - Lisa 

What People Are Saying......